Michelle Schmidt ’11


When I was college hunting I thought I knew where I wanted to go and I only applied to other schools as a formality. Then I visited Cedar Crest and met the faculty and students. I chose Cedar Crest not only for its outstanding academic program, but also for its caring faculty and I’ve never looked back.

One of the things that drew me to Cedar Crest was its accredited forensic science program with the ability to continue my education and receive a Master’s in forensic science. It didn’t seem like it at the time, but looking back it amazes me the amount that I learned while in the forensic program at Cedar Crest. I built foundations in my education there that continue to help me in the doctorate program at Seton Hall. Because of the education I received I was better prepared for my future studies, especially the ability to perform research independently. I had at least three years of research experience from the forensic science program, which prepared me to perform as expected at the doctorate level. The program coursework was diverse and provided me with fundamentals that I use in my research and courses at Seton Hall every day.

Though I never doubted my decision of Cedar Crest, upon leaving I have realized that the opportunities there were far exceeding what I would have received at another college. Not only did the academic portion of my studies prepare me for my future, but also the faculty at Cedar Crest was like no other. I was more than just a number or a student, I was a person who was cared about and that has made all the difference in my education. The teachers in the forensic science program, and Cedar Crest in general, go above and beyond for the education of their students, setting aside time to meet individually or providing study sessions and extra time in the lab. Professional conferences and internships were a big part of the program at Cedar Crest and the professors always took time to ensure we were prepared for these experiences. Without Cedar Crest I would not have the priceless professional connections I have today; one of which was at Seton Hall and is now my research mentor. Cedar Crest opened doors I never thought possible and provided me with friendships and relationships that will last a lifetime.