Kimberly Michalik ’08


Forensic Scientist I, New Jersey State Police, Office of Forensic Sciences DNA Laboratory

The choice to attend Cedar Crest for a Master of Science degree in Forensic Science was without a doubt one of the best decisions I have ever made. I loved Cedar Crest College, and every moment of my time there.

The lifelong friendships and connections made with professors there have proven priceless.

The faculty and staff—particularly of the graduate program—truly has the student’s future in mind. Professors always had an open door policy, and were there to answer any question, big or small, or to merely offer words of support and encouragement. There was always the push from professors to strive to do your best and to meet any, and all, goals. It was undeniably a family atmosphere.

The graduate program prepared me for my current position, in that it gave me a well-rounded scientific background both in chemistry and biology, and readied me to work in the field of forensic science. As a chemist, I found it very easy to start my career in a forensic biology laboratory. I felt that I was prepared for the real world and that I was ready to step into any career choice.

I was easily able to make the shift from student to professional due to my education at Cedar Crest. The hands-on experience of the program, and the ability to use instrumentation that is currently being used in the field, was invaluable. The ever-present ability to perform, present, and publish research, as well as attend forensic science conferences, allowed students the opportunity to meet professionals and become known within the field, while giving students the means to express themselves and broaden their educational knowledge in the field of forensic science.

Thanks to my education at Cedar Crest, I was able to excel as a Criminalist II at the New York City Office of Chief Medical Examiner Forensic Biology Department, as well as in my current position as a Forensic Scientist I at the New Jersey State Police Office of Forensic Sciences DNA Laboratory. With over four years of experience behind me, I know that the education I received at Cedar Crest was fundamental to where I am in my career today.