Kayla Sween



Innovation can be defined as the introduction of something new, or a new idea or method (MerriamWebster.com). The Master of Science in Forensic Science (MSFS) program at Cedar Crest College teaches students the newest thoughts and methodologies in forensic science, which enable these students to be innovative, particularly in the area of research.

The research that I am conducting utilizes established techniques that were taught in the program in an innovative fashion. The application of cutting-edge DNA detection methods has allowed me to develop a novel approach to analyzing sexual assault forensic evidence kits. Sexual assault forensic evidence kits are often not collected if only digital (finger) penetration is reported. Due to this lack of collection a number of sexual assaults, especially of female children go uninvestigated every year.

My research focuses on applying the current methods of DNA analysis to be used to evaluate these cases. The Cedar Crest College MSFS program and its professors have taught me to be innovative and to think outside of the box

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in not only school work, but in solutions to everyday issues.

An additional way in which the MSFS program has allowed fellow students and myself to be innovative is through discussion. Standards and procedural policy are crucial to running an efficient and functional crime laboratory. Through discussion, we were able to devise an outline of methods and standards that would generate better laboratory management. This innovation resulted in an award and publication in an international journal.

Innovation is crucial for the growth of forensic science.

“A lot of the instrumentation that we do have at Cedar Crest is cutting-edge. It is the same instrumentation you’ll find in crime laboratories across the country. There is instrumentation being used on Mars right now that is the same as what we have here.”