Kaitlin Hafer


Scientific Competency

My experience in the Master of Science in Forensic Science program at Cedar Crest College has allowed me to become more scientifically competent. The professors, while teaching us the required course material for each class, also encourage us to broaden our knowledge by seeking information elsewhere.

Several courses in particular required me to search peer-reviewed literature in order to fully complete projects or exams. In doing so, my understanding of the topic(s) of interest was greatly increased. Often times I have found myself developing my own questions, and searching for the answers on my own time. These questions have allowed me to have a greater understanding of the material that we were learning on a day-to-day basis, and to contribute more to class discussions.

This knowledge further extends from the classroom when we travel to Forensic Science conferences. Our in-class discussions prepare us to have conversations with other members within the scientific community who already have jobs in our desired field. By utilizing our scientific knowledge, we are able to make connections and network ourselves with the possibility of securing a job through one of these conversations.