James Anasti



Cedar Crest College has become a great asset in my path to becoming a professional. Professionalism to me is defined as the competence, conduct and skill needed to be accepted by a group of peers within a specialty. This demands communication skills, high standards of excellence, and a well-rounded education.

Cedar Crest College has helped me become a professional by pushing me to participate, be proud, and hold high ethical standards. Understanding a discipline is easily relayed when a faculty of professionals is dedicated to preparing the student for real-world scenarios.

The forensic science graduate program is taught by experienced professionals who relay knowledge and familiarity within forensic science. Here at Cedar Crest, developing a thesis is not merely a means to a degree but is the students’ first chance to improve the field of forensic science.

Expectations for presenting and publishing work at professional meetings and research exchanges allow hard work to impact the field. Being able to attend, participate and volunteer at professional meetings drives me to make expertise my specialty. Outside of research, graduate assistantships and work-study opportunities allow for hands on experience in the lab and with the faculty. Cedar Crest College has provided me with the experience, community, and knowledge to excel as professional.