Coleen Spease


Scientific Competency

The MSFS program has taught me to be scientifically competent through class work and research. Through class work the program has taught me to be scientifically competent by teaching me about the techniques that are utilized in laboratories and then giving me hands-on experience of those techniques.

Many of the classes have some sort of laboratory component to them which allows us to not only

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learn about the technique but also perform the techniques before we get into a working laboratory. Class work has also made my scientifically competent by giving me a toolbox of resources. I’ve been shown the best resources to find answers to questions that I don’t know the answers to.

The other way that the program has taught me to be scientifically competent is through my own personal research project. As a graduate student, each student is required to complete a personal research project and throughout this project complications may arise that you will have to solve. You learn how to troubleshoot on your instrument and solve procedural and other complications that arise, all of which have taught me to be scientifically competent.